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my prom dress is fugly -_-, im fucking depressed smh 

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I’m jealous of all the beautiful people on tumblr…

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In eight days I will have to make the hardest decision this year on where I’m going for college (mind you most of my finical aid packages aren’t here so im f*cked w| school choices), I need to get a limo for prom & find shoes, smh. Mentally preparing myself for a long stressful week.

/ Tue Apr 17th, 2012 reblog

In 13 days I have to make one of the hardest decisions in my high school life. "Which college i’m going to attend" smh like there is so much pressure on me right now like, idk what to do or where to go & this financial aid problem is not helping at all smh

I wish $50,000 would fall into my lap each year.

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Found the PERFECT PROM DRESS but my mother’s a evil bitch & doesn’t want to pay for it … . The life I live *sigh*

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It’s never the right time to say goodbye </3 

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& I ain’t to proud to tell you that I cry sometimes cry sometimes about it 

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Thing’s aren’t always how they seems …

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I have until may 1st to convince my mother to let me go to University of Miami >.<

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I need some new cool friends …

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Tonight has been fucking horrible what’s done in the dark will come to the light ! i can’t even sleep im so upset -_____________-

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My mother is such a bitch.

fuck her -_-

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